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Services and Rates

Initial Meet & Greet
Visit to your home to get acquainted with your pet, complete our Pet Sitting Service Agreement and pick up keys.

Midday Potty Break (Monday thru Friday)
15 minute visit when you cannot make it home for your dog during the day. Your dog gets a potty break and fresh air. 





Midday Dog Walks (Monday thru Friday)
30 minute visit when you cannot make it home for your dog during the day. Your dog gets a potty break, walk, and play time. 


Dog Walk / Pet Sitting (individual visits, Sunday thru Saturday)
30 minute visit anytime, including mid-day (6am-9pm) for dog, cat, and small caged animal when you cannot make it home or are out of town. Your pet keeps its regular diet and exercise routine, and your home is taken care of. The visit includes a walk if desired.


Overnight Stay 
Visit in your home from 9:00pm until 7:00am the next morning. Visit includes a walk upon arrival at 9:00pm and before leaving at 7:00am.



(rates above include up to 2 pets, visits are customized to your pet's needs) 



Additional Services


More Than 2 Pets

add $3/pet/visit

Medication Administration

add $2/pet/visit

Subcutaneous Injection/Fluids

add $7/pet/visit

15 Minutes Additional Exercise

add $5/visit

Holiday Periods*

add $7/visit

Emergency Visits*

add $10/visit


Other Services


For Kamp Kelly, please see details on the Kamp Kelly page


Home Check (no pets)
Visit to your home with crime deterrent and home care services performed. We will bring in the mail and newspaper, take the trash to the curb, and alternate lights.


Kennel/Groomer/Vet Transport

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Toenail Trimming
Express Anal Glands                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Midday Dog Potty Breaks - Please contact us to check if the 15 minute Midday Potty Break service is available in your area.

Holiday Periods - Good Friday through Easter Sunday, Memorial Day weekend (Sat., Sun., Mon.), Independence Day plus Saturday and Sunday if July 4th falls on a Friday or Monday, Labor Day weekend (Sat., Sun., Mon.), Thanksgiving through Sunday, Christmas Eve through New Year's Day

Emergency Visits – Visits scheduled with less than 24 hours notice