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Q:  Is Steel City Pet Sitters LLC a dog walking service also?
A:  Yes!  We can visit your dog(s) while you are at work so they can get fresh air and exercise.  We can visit every day or as needed.  
 Q:  What is KAMP KELLY?
 A: Boarding your pet in the SITTER'S HOME! Amenities include: pick-up and drop-off at your home, the comfort of a home environment, fenced in backyard with room to run and play, ramped access to grass for elderly pets, comfortable bed for sleep time, daily walk provided, detailed journal of each day's activities, and one-on-one attention, care and love.
Q: Is Steel City Pet Sitters LLC and its employees bonded and insured?
A: Yes.  We are a bonded and insured company.  All of our Pet Sitters are employees of the company, not independent contractors.  They are bonded, insured, trained and a background check is done.  All Pet Sitters check in with our office and confirm that each visit is complete.
Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Yes.  We will visit your home prior to caring for your pet.  We get very detailed information so we know exactly how to care for your pets and your home while you are away.  The initial meet and greet is $15.
Q: How much notice do you need to sit my pet?
A: A minimum of two weeks is preferred, but we can usually accommodate any emergency request.
Q: How many times would you visit my pet?
A: Dogs generally need two visits a day and cats generally need one visit a day.  We can visit up to four times per day if needed.
Q: What are the payment requirements?
A: A 50% down payment is required for scheduled services.  The balance is due upon receipt after your return.  Daily dog walk clients are billed weekly, and the amount is due upon receipt.
Q: Does my pet need to have a current rabies vaccination?
A: Yes.  We will need a copy of all pets' current rabies certificates at the initial meet and greet.  Your vet can fax this information to us.
Q: Can Steel City Pet Sitters LLC keep my keys on file for future visits?
A:  Yes.  The advantage to keeping your keys on file is that we can pet sit with much shorter notice, and you are not inconvenienced with meetings for key return and key pick up which are $15 per occurrence.  If you do not wish to keep your keys on file, a meeting will be scheduled to return your keys once you have returned home.  We have a hand-to-hand policy for the safety of your home.
Q: Is it possible to schedule a two, three or even a four hour visit?
A:  Yes.  All of our visits are normally 30 minutes.  You can add 15 minute increments for $5 each to any visit.  We can for 45 minutes or for up to 4 hours if needed.  
Q:  Can you transport my pet to the groomer or to the vet?
A:  Yes.  We can take your pet to the groomer or to the vet for his routine shots.   Time is billed as $20 for the first half hour plus $5 for each additional 15 minutes needed.  Mileage is reimbursed at the standard mileage rate.